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By Michael A. White DDS
February 16, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental bridgework from your dentist in Chehalis, WA, can give you back your smile

Dental bridges have been an excellent tooth replacement solution for decades, providing a dependable, attractive addition to your smile. Now, they are even better, with extremely durable, lifelike materials that closely resemble having your natural teeth.

Dr. Michael White in Chehalis, WA, offers a wide variety of dental services, including dental bridges to give you back your smile. He proudly serves residents of Chehalis, and Centralia, WA, and he can help you too.

Dental bridges help you and your smile by restoring your chewing function, so you can get back to enjoying the foods you love. They create additional surface area and increased strength for chewing, to give you the great function you need.

Dental bridges also help you by enhancing the beauty of your smile. You won’t have to worry about being embarrassed because of gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth. You can proudly show off your full smile again, thanks to dental bridges.

When you choose dental bridges, you will enjoy important benefits like these:

Natural-looking beauty, because dental bridges are made of materials that will blend perfectly into your smile.

Stability, because your dental bridge is cemented on to the adjacent teeth, so it is fully supported and won’t move around.

Permanence, because you never have to remove the dental bridge; it stays fixed in place.

Whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple missing teeth, dental bridges can fill in the gaps. To read more detailed information about the dental bridge process, please visit the Crowns and Bridges section on Dr. White’s website at

Dental bridges can help restore your chewing function and your self-confidence! Your smile is important, and choosing dental bridges can give you back your smile. To find out more about how dental bridges can help your smile, talk with an expert by calling Dr. Michael White in Chehalis, WA, at (360) 748-0168. Call today!

By Mike White, DDS
May 02, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Failing teeth, missing teeth--these are not trivial problems. In fact, oral health suffers from smile gaps and teeth damaged by accident, restorative dentistryabscess, or deep decay. Your Chehalis, WA, dentist, Dr. Michael White, offers hope through porcelain crowns and lifelike tooth replacements called bridges. They may help you renew your smile beautifully.

Details on crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap, typically custom-made from realistic dental-grade porcelain. Restoring a tooth with a crown allows a person to keep much of his or her natural tooth structure, including the extensive root structure below the gum line.

You see, keeping a natural tooth is preferable to extracting it. After extraction, gum and bone begin to recede, speech is impacted and an unsightly smile gap results. If your Chehalis dentist examines your failing tooth and X-rays it to confirm a crown would restore it, go ahead with the procedure. You'll have a crown that lasts at least ten years or longer, say researchers at the Cleveland Clinic.

Receiving a crown takes two visits to Dr. White's office. The first includes the examination, oral impressions, and removal of the damaged parts of the tooth. You'll wear a temporary cap in the meantime. The second visit includes removal of the interim crown and fitting and bonding on the new one.

Most modern crowns are porcelain because of its aesthetic value, durability, and versatility. Crowns are versatile because your Chehalis dentist can use them to restore dental implants (an amazingly lifelike tooth replacement) or to anchor fixed bridges to natural teeth.

Details on bridges

Fixed bridges replace one or more adjacent missing teeth. Pontics, or artificial teeth, are fashioned from color-matched porcelain according to oral impressions and your dentist's specific instructions as to tooth shape and bite. Most bridges attach to neighboring teeth with dental crowns, but some bridgework is stabilized by dental implants, affording years of natural appearance, function, and jaw bone density.

Unlike partial dentures, dental bridges may not be removed by the patient. So they need careful daily brushing and flossing to keep them plaque-free. The same applies to dental crowns. Both restorative treatments work best and last the longest when patients see Dr. White every six months for hygienic cleanings and check-ups.

Improve your smile

Dr. Michael White and his dedicated team renew scores of smiles every year using state-of-the-art restorations such as porcelain crowns and bridgework. For your own consultation with this highly skilled dentist, contact Dr. White's office staff in Chehalis, WA, at (360) 748-0168.