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By Mike White, DDS
May 20, 2019
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Are you considering getting dentures to replace your missing teeth? In addition to improving the appearance of your smile, these denturesrestorations offer several important benefits. Your Chehalis, WA, dentist, Dr. Michael White, can help you evaluate your denture choices and choose the type that's right for you!


What advantages do dentures offer?

Wearing dentures can:

  • Help You Feel More Confident: Your self-esteem can suffer whether you have a few gaps in your smile or you've lost all of your teeth. In fact, many people who have experienced tooth loss report that they feel self-conscious in social settings. Replacing your lost teeth with dentures is a simple way to regain your confidence. The restorations look just like natural teeth and are custom-made to fit your mouth.
  • Make Speaking Easier: Without a full set of teeth, you'll have trouble pronouncing some sounds and words. Speaking can be particularly frustrating if other people have difficulty understanding you. Thanks to your new dentures, however, you'll enjoy clear speech and won't have to worry about slurring words!
  • Change the Way You Eat: Tooth loss can make eating a challenge. Biting, tearing, and chewing food becomes difficult or impossible when you've lost your teeth. Although a soft food diet may be fine for a week or two, it's not a particularly appetizing option for the rest of your life. Dentures restore your ability to eat a variety of foods, ensuring that your nutritional needs are met.
  • Protect Any Remaining Teeth: Partial dentures are an excellent option if you have a few remaining teeth. Increased wear and tear can quickly damage your remaining teeth if you don't replace your missing teeth. Partial dentures relieve the burden on your natural teeth in addition to filling in the gaps in your smile.
  • Improve Your Job Prospects: Your ability to do your job won't change just because you've lost your teeth, but unfortunately, tooth loss can affect your career trajectory. You may find it harder to get a new job or advance in your current company if you don't replace your missing teeth. Fortunately, your Chehalis dentist can help you restore your smile with full dentures, partial dentures, or implant-supported dentures.


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By Mike White, DDS
October 30, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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Mouth DentureDentures are dental devices that restore missing teeth, giving patients back their ability to perform normal, everyday oral functions. The American College of Prosthodontists estimates that 15 percent of patients with tooth loss have denture devices created each year. Roughly 48 percent of denture wearers are between the ages of 18 and 45 according to statistics published by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES III). Learn about the different types of dentures offered by Dr. Michael White at his dentist office in Chehalis, WA, and how they can be beneficial to your smile. 

What Are Dentures?
A denture is a custom-made appliance worn in the mouth that closes gaps and covers open spaces in the gumline after tooth loss. They are made from plastic resin materials that can be formed to closely mimic the appearance of the teeth and gums. Some denture devices have metal parts. Modern appliances look more natural and have a more secure fit.

The Different Types of Dentures
There are three main types of dentures: partials, full, and implant-supported. Partial dentures are for patients who only have one or a few missing teeth. Full dentures are used to replace an entire row of missing teeth. Both types can be anchored using dental implants, if the patient has some dense jaw bone tissue remaining after tooth loss. Full dentures are either immediate (placed right after dental extraction), or conventional, which requires more of an investment in time to ensure a long-lasting, solid fit. 

Denture Benefits
With dentures designed by your Chehalis, WA, dentist, you’ll finally be able to chew and bite into solid foods again. They are designed to cling securely to your other teeth or gumline, giving you the support that you need for everyday dental functions. Partial dentures will help ensure that your other teeth stay well-aligned and that there are no embarrassing gaps in the smile. Full dentures protect your gumline, are resistant to damage, and make chewing easier. Implant-supported devices provide extra support and help keep some bone tissue healthy.

Your Denture Consultation
Dentures can change your life for the better in a number of ways. Contact Dr. Michael White at his dentist office in Chehalis, WA, to learn more about the various options you have when it comes to custom specialty dentures. Call (360) 748-0168 today to set your initial visit.

By Mike White, DDS
July 13, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
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DenturesAfter dental decay, gum disease, or an injury causes tooth loss, patients naturally want to explore ways to replace those teeth as soon as possible. Dentures are a reliable solution that have been helping patients for decades. They help seniors who are missing all of their teeth and adults who are missing one or more. These are some frequently asked questions that you may have when you’re considering dentures as the solution for your smile problems. You'll get even more answers when you visit Dr. Michael White's Chehalis, WA, dentist office.

What Kinds of Dentures Are There?
There are two main types of dentures: full and partial. Full dentures, also called complete dentures, can be immediate, conventional, or implant-supported. Immediate dentures are fitted right after tooth loss so that you can get used to wearing them. Conventional dentures are a more accurate, lasting fit. Dental implants are used in conjunction with a full denture to create implant-supported overdentures. A partial denture fills a space caused by one, two, or more lost or extracted teeth. They can serve as transitional space maintainers, or be created for long-term wearing.

How Long Will It Take to Get Dentures?
Expect to be fitted for your new dentures after a few weeks. It will take some time for a dental technician to use your impressions to create a device that fits just right. Decisions will be made about the size of each tooth, colors, and shapes to ensure it looks natural. Once it is finished, your Chehalis, WA, dentist will fit it to your smile to see if any additional adjustments must be made. 

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?
After you’ve experienced the inconveniences of tooth loss, you’ll understand why over 660,000 Americans wear them according to a Simmons National Consumer Survey. These are some key benefits to think about:

  • Teeth are an essential part of the digestive system. Dentures restore your ability to chew normally after tooth loss.
  • Modern dentures look very similar to natural teeth and are very attractive.
  • Dentures will stay in good condition for five to eight years, and they can be adjusted as needed.

More Denture Questions?
When you visit your dentist to discuss dentures, come prepared with any other questions you have about these restorative dental devices. Call (360) 748-0168 today to schedule a visit to Dr. Michael White’s office in Chehalis, WA.

There are a variety of dental appliances and procedures for improving your smile. Whether you need to replace missing teeth or brighten teeth whiteningup your smile, your dentist can help. If you are missing teeth, your dentist can fit you for the right type of dentures. If you wish to brighten your smile, professional strength teeth whitening treatments can be applied in your dentist’s office. Dr. Michael White is your Chehalis, WA dentist for dentures and professional teeth whitening, as well as all your other dental needs.

Types of Dentures

There are several different types of dentures. The two primary types are partial and full. Partial dentures are used to fill in the gaps where teeth are missing when some natural teeth still remain. Types of partial dentures include removable and transitional. Full dentures are used to fill in an entire row or arch when no natural teeth remain. Types of full dentures include conventional, immediate and implant-supported overdentures.

Depending on the type of dentures you have, an oral adhesive might be needed to secure the dentures in place daily. Other types of dentures, such as implant-supported overdentures, are held in place with dental implants without the need for an oral adhesive. Although, in some cases, a dental adhesive might still be needed for additional security. Your Chehalis dentist can recommend the best type of dentures for your needs.

Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening treatments are applied by experienced staff in your Chehalis dentist’s office. The bleaching agent is applied to the surface of the teeth and left on for about one hour. The bleaching agent used in professional whitening treatments is significantly stronger than over-the-counter whitening products for use at home. After just one treatment session, teeth will visibly be several shades whiter. Additionally, the results of professional teeth whitening treatments can last for up to five years.

Whether you would like to replace missing teeth with full or partial dentures or you are interested in achieving a brighter smile through professional teeth whitening treatments, Dr. White, your Chehalis, WA dentist, can help. To schedule an appointment, call the office at (360) 748-0168.

By Mike White, DDS
February 15, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

Find out if dentures could be a great way to replace your missing teeth.dentures

While losing one or more teeth can certainly be traumatic in and of itself, it’s important that you don’t just ignore the problem. Leaving tooth loss untreated can spell disaster for your oral health, causing the rest of your teeth to shift out of alignment and your face to lose some of its volume and shape. Before this happens, turn to our Chehalis, WA, dentist Dr. Michael White to find out how dentures could help you.

Dentures come in many different styles and can be made from a variety of different materials depending on the needs of each patient. Before determining what kind of dentures is right for you, it’s a good idea to determine whether dentures are actually the ideal restoration in the first place.

Why Should I Consider Getting Dentures?

This dental prosthetic can be a great option for anyone who is dealing with serious tooth loss. While there are certainly flashier options out there for replacing missing teeth, dentures still offer a tried-and-true way to restore your oral health.

After dealing with tooth loss, most patients don’t want to go through invasive surgeries or procedures. They’ve been through enough already and they just want to get their new smile. We completely understand these sentiments and dentures make it easy for patients to get the new teeth they want without time-consuming, drawn-out and tiring procedures.

Also, there are some people who just aren’t healthy enough for dental implants or other options. Those with severe bone loss and those who have uncontrolled chronic health issues like diabetes may not be good candidate for getting implants but can still benefit from what dentures have to offer. Instead of worrying about dealing with tooth loss for the rest of their lives, dentures allow patients the ability to regain a complete smile.

Finally, we know that for many people the expense of dental treatments can be quite the stressor. Sometimes seeking care isn’t always easy, but our Chehalis, WA, general dentist wants to make it easy. Dentures are one of the most inexpensive ways to replace all or some of your missing teeth. We will also work with you to make sure that you get the smile you want without breaking the bank.

Are you interested in getting dentures in Chehalis, WA? Then what are you waiting for? Your new smile awaits! Call us today to schedule your denture consultation.