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How To Care For Your Dentures

Learn the proper guidelines for caring for full or partial dentures.

You've received your new dentures from your Chehalis dentist, and you're aware that your dental hygiene routine will have to change. Simply brushing will not be sufficient to ensure that your false teeth are in proper working order. Here is the care Denturesregimen used to ensure long-lasting and comfortable dentures:

Removal and rinsing

After each meal, remove your dentures and place them under warm running water to rinse away food particles. A towel can be placed in the sink so the artificial teeth will not risk breakage if accidentally dropped. You should then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your mouth, including your gums, tongue and any natural teeth that remain. In addition to soaking overnight, the set of dentures should be brushed once a day using a mild cleanser specifically designed for false teeth. This process should only be done while they are removed from your mouth, as these cleaners are not made to be ingested. Special care should be taken to clear away old adhesive from the areas that make contact with your gums. The trays should always be rinsed thoroughly before inserting them in the mouth again.

Don't forget checkups

Regular dental checkups should be scheduled with your Lewis County dentist to maintain fit and to check the mouth for any problems. In addition to complicating eating and talking, loose dentures can cause irritation or sores on gum tissue.

What to avoid

Do not use abrasive cleaners on artificial teeth. This includes stiff toothbrushes and astringent chemicals such as bleach, which will fade the color of the dentures and corrode any exposed metal. Whitening toothpastes are also off limits, as they have caustic properties that can weaken or damage dentures. Hot or boiling water should not be used for rinsing or soaking to avoid warping. And though it might seem odd, sleeping in dentures is discouraged. This can lead to fungal infections.

It takes some time to adjust to wearing dentures, but proper maintenance will soon become a habit if it is practiced regularly.

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